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Exercise Stone

Walrus Brand


Exercise Stone is the hand of Michelangelo applied to your body.

Customer Reviews

"Before Exercise Stone I was 5'6", 211lbs. Now I'm 6'2" and jacked!"
— Craig, 33 Fayetteville, North Carolina
"My neck muscles are out of control and my butt looks great!"
— Lillith, 27 Trillingham, New Hamphsire
"My wife decided not to divorce me after all! Thanks Exercise Stone!"
— Gary, 48 Bethesda, Maryland
"People treat me like a piece of meat now. I like that."
— Cyril, 39 Indio, California
"I quit my toll booth job. I'm a full-time nude model now!"
— Mario, 51 Lost Hills, Indiana
"I qualified for the Olympics!"
— Kimberly, 90 Death Valley, California
"I have the kind of vice-like bone-crushing handshake I've always dreamed of!"
— Eleanor, 42 Fort Gertrude, Ohio
"I'm like circus freak strong!"
— Thierry, 29 Northwest, Greenland
"The rocks I found in my backyard were ineffective and the loose clump of cinder I salvaged from the dump was sharp and hard to use. Exercise Stone is the only rock-based fitness system I trust!"
— Joshua, 63 Laramore, Alabama
"Everyone thinks I use steroids!"
— Cynthia, 54 Detroit, France
"I went from women's size 12 to a toddler's husky!"
— Bess, 39 Goya, New Mexico
"I don't wear my shirt in the pool anymore."
— Barry, 37 Flowering Heights, Vermont
"I carry it in my cargo pants, so I can work out whenever I want!"
— Kelvin, 26 Whistler, Montana

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