Walrus Brand


Every modern unisex t-shirt wearer has fantasized about a handsome 2,200lb pinniped guiding their hands through a voluptuous mound of clay. Now they can wear a shirt that tells everyone just what they’re daydreaming about.

67% Cotton
33% Polyester
Machine wash cold

Customer Reviews

"Diane ladd was robbed by whoopi goldberg for the 1990 best supporting actress oscar. Her spellbinding performance was exponentially more nuanced. To the academy, it's not too late to reverse your decision. To whoopi, be honest with yourself. Abdicate your statue to diane. To diane, you are a goddess and light up the screen. To you reading this, spread the word. Let's create a movement. Chant it with me: diane ladd deserves the 1990 best supporting actress over whoopi goldberg and if the academy retroactively makes it happen, we'll be glad."
- Astronaut Dave, Washington, DC
Love this! Huge Shawshank Redemption fan!
- Oswald Barker, Minneapolis
Day 751 of asking Whoopi to wear this on the view.
- Marvin Stevens, Chicago
We buried my uncle in this!
- Beatrice McKay, Madison
Film reference was not obscure enough, but breathable fabric made up for it. Cool!
- Roger VanDerzee, Westport
These shirts make really great Christmas presents for your secret, second family that you love slightly less than your real family.
- Darren Washburn, Tuscaloosa

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