Smiley Tusks

Walrus Brand


Can be worn with or without pants.

50% Cotton
50% Polyester
Machine wash cold

Customer Reviews

"Hey, Tim Cook, get out of your ivory tower and make this an emoji on my text keyboard. Friend: Want to get happy hour oysters after work? Me: Searching frantically for a smiley-face-with-walrus-tusks emoji to perfectly encapsulate my response. Tim Cook: In Ibiza drinking gold being an asshat."
- Geraldine A., Lilac Gables, NJ
"I really like this shirt, but full disclosure, I'm someone with big teeth that don't quite fit in my mouth."
- Kenneth C. Esq.,  Rock Creek, NV
"This made my regular shirt rotation, and that’s saying something because I've got some absolute bangers. What!? Not now, honey, I'm writing an online review. AN ONLINE REVIEW! I can't hear you! Just hold on! I swear, that woman."
- Duke F. Chickatakasaw, NM
- Luke Pinder, Reno
I wore this to work, and my boss looked me up and down and said, "baby, it's like you were poured into that high-quality reasonably priced t-shirt with the playful image of a smiley face with tusks."
- Natalie Smalls, Akron