Walrus Brand


There’s nothing funny about diabeetus.

100% Cotton
Machine wash cold

Customer Reviews

"An absolute must-have for all the Brimley heads out there."
- Tamora E., Arancini, NY
"Put the straight talkin’ Quaker Oats spokesman on my solar plexus? Hell to the yeah."
- Vivian W., Gillford, MA
"Wore this shirt to the Philippines. Apparently, Wilford Brimley is some kind of demigod there. Men and women alike were transfixed. Old ladies wept. Children shouted. Everyone wanted a piece. I took many lovers that trip."
- Larry F., Soaring Valley, VT
"I got a Wilford Brimley shirt for each of my stepchildren. It's important to teach your kids what you believe in."
- Frank B. Sr., New York, NY

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